Initial Consultation

In homeopathy, we treat you, the patient, not the “disease” with which you may be labelled…therefore we pay extra time and attention to all the symptoms and feelings you are experiencing and have been experiencing, with a view to heal you completely over time.

This is why your homeopathic prescription has “remedies” and not just medicines; our aim is to help your body remedy itself and restore your health (the vital energy that is inside each and every one of us).

Your first appointment will take one hour, during which you will be asked detailed questions about yourself, your condition, and medical and family history. 

A complete picture is taken of your state of health, considering personality traits, lifestyle, environmental factors, major life events, emotional state, sleep patterns and a history of disease patterns within your family. 

After careful consideration, you will be given a prescription of remedy(ies) that most closely matches your unique pattern of symptoms, and advice on how to take it. 

Sometimes you will receive your remedy right after your consultation, but mostly they will follow a day or so later as each prescription is tailor made to your unique symptom picture (this is why we ask so many questions). 

With acute illness, homeopathic treatment can be rapid and effective after one appointment. 

Other chronic conditions may take longer to  improve requiring several appointments, depending on the length and severity of the condition.

Follow up Consultation

Follow up Consultations are 30 minutes and are usually every four to six weeks until you improve and your vitality is restored. 

Acute consultations (short term illness) by telephone are 20 minutes.